Made with Gems for Gems

The majority of gems incorporated into Ten Wilde jewels were sourced by myself. On a trip to India, I wandered the markets and found thousands of gems in multiple hole in the wall (literally) shops. In 100 degree weather and crowded fast paced streets, I was determined to carefully find the best high grade and beautifully shining bright gems.

Some of my favorite gems to incorporate into Ten Wilde jewelry are:

Herkimer Diamond
The high energy seekers of the crystal world, they have a crystal memory where they can attain information that can they be retrieved later on. They're in fact a type of Quartz Crystal, not a Diamond, but was given the name Diamond because of it's similar clarity and faceted traits. They have the ability to transmit and amplify energy, and are exceptional for healing, meditating, dream work. Life force. 

One of the most abundant gifts from Mother Earth. Quartz crystals open the mind and heart to higher guidance, as well as amplify the energy that comes it's way. 

Moonstone is the mystery holder, being the most powerful crystal connection to Mama Moon. Holding both passion and wisdom, Moonstone has a lot to teach us. As the cycles of the planets shift, Moonstone can bring a calming energy to the ebbs and flows of life. 

A stone of magic, Labradorite is perfect for self discovery in one's own intuition and psychic abilities. It's a powerful protector, shields from negative energy, and strengthens one's energies from within.