About TW

Meet Tenisha Wilde, the designer/creator/creative director/stylist/founder of Ten Wilde. Being completely self taught in everything she does, and already co-owning a previous business from the age of 17-22, she started Ten Wilde in 2015. Jewelry designing started merely as a hobby after high school as a way to fund festival going and traveling the world. Knowing at a young age she wasn't destined for the typical 9-5 working under someone else, she turned her love for creation and travel into a lifestyle and business. She's traveled to 23 countries and counting, making the most of her time by curating jewelry photoshoots, networking, and blogging.

Ten Wilde is run solely by Tenisha, based out of her home in California. Being raised in the redwoods of Humboldt County to the city lights and culture of the Bay Area, you can see and feel it in her jewelry. Ten Wilde jewelry aims toward adding a touch of her wild and spontaneous side, while keeping each piece elegantly chic. Ten enjoys keeping it natural - using raw stones, silver & gold metals, and her tools.

Her main focus at the end of the day is to inspire other women to follow their dreams and ignite their free spirit. She constantly stays inspired by the self empowered & fearless girl's girl, and reflects that back through her work. What and who is a girl's girl? A girl's girl is who Ten strives to be in her every day lifestyle. A girl's girl is a woman with aspirations, goals, and high virtues. A woman who graces the room with a confident but gentle soul, who knows herself and goes for what she wants. A woman who doesn't take no for an answer. A woman who takes control of her own life in all forms, and most importantly, supports and encourages her fellow women in their dreams. 

Ten Wilde jewelry is made for the ultimate girl's girl. With each piece being minimal, versatile and chic, the jewelry is designed and created for every day wear.


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