Vogue: From Featherlight Strands to Hulking Hoops, the Best Gold Chain-Link Necklaces

VOGUE: From Featherlight Strands to Hulking Hoops, the Best Gold Chain-Link Necklaces

The gold chain-link necklace, that ubiquitous member of your jewelry family, has more than once given rise to the most eloquent of musings. “My mother might find a thin gold chain at the back of a drawer, wadded into an impossibly tight knot, and give it to me to untangle,” the author Anne Lamott remembered. “It would have a shiny, sweaty smell, and excite me: Gold chains linked you to the great fairy tales and myths, to Arabia, and India; to the great weight of the world, but lighter than a feather.”

Sometimes the gold links themselves have names that are self-explanatory: the Box, the Rope, the Bead, and of course, the current favorite, the Paper Clip. (Someday soon, a young person may ask, “What is a paper clip?”) Other links have more arcane monikers—consider the Cuban, the Figaro, or the Wheat.

Whatever the gold link, these necklaces have pretty much replaced the charm bracelet as a way of keeping your favorite amulets close to your heart. You can buy a chain with its own charming charm already attached, of course, but how much more fun is it to build up your own collection, adding highly personal charms as the mood strikes?

Here, our guide to the best and brightest gold link chain necklaces:


The not-so-basic gold chain, peeking from beneath a sober shirt, can enhance your outfit all day, every day. Consider links from box to bead, opt for the popular paper clip, or flaunt an updated version of the nameplate, an homage to Carrie Bradshaw.


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