Museum of Ice Cream Miami

You’ve heard of it, you know it, you’ve seen it allll over Instagram. It's in your pastel pink & ice cream dreams. We went there!

The land of ice cream, personally forever my favorite dessert. Theeee... Museum of Ice Cream! Now located and always sold out in LA and SF, they recently opened up a new location in Miami. As soon as I heard the news I knew I had to get tickets, as I was going to be there during the opening week which happened to be during Art Basel. How perfect! Art on art on art, & ice cream! 

How excited I was to experience the Museum of Ice Cream on a scale of 1-10 was 100! Speaking of 100, the tickets were $100 per person. Yup! A whopping 100 dollars, because it was considered the "Art Basel preview week". Usually the tickets go for $38, which you CAN now expect, since the preview week is over. 

2 unfortunate things I’m going to mention before going into it:

  • The tickets being $100, which wasn’t mentioned anywhere until check out.. in which case tickets were selling out so fast I didn’t even have time to check with my friends if that was okay, I just bought them!

  • We went on opening day, and an hour before our time slot they sent a mass text saying they weren’t ready and to come at 4 (5 hours later). We showed up at 4 and they did let us in, but unfortunately not all the rooms were open. So I wouldn’t say it was worth the $100.

The great thing about this was that we didn’t have a guide or a group with us, and we could run around exploring the rooms on our own time! Now these things obviously aren’t going to happen as it’s no longer $100 and MOIC Miami should definitely be more than ready at this point, BUT it was part of my experience so it had to be mentioned.

In conclusion, I'd say MOIC is 100% worth the $38! 

Throughout the whole experience, there's different little rooms you get to explore. All of them pink (my favorite), and some of them even have ice cream (my favorite too!). At the entrance they had an oracle reader, which was silly and fun. We got to pick cards that told our 2018 future. In the next room, we entered a bright and shiny gold glitter-floored ice cream parlor! This was the glitter floor pink ice cream parlor of my dreams, no doubt! We indulged in the first of many ice cream tastings, giggled at the celebrity ice cream flavors labeled in posters on the wall... like Major Keylime, Sorbet-Yonce, and Brrrr-rel (Pharrel), took pictures of course, and then moved along...

Then we played with some building blocks and in some pink sand! Definitely felt like we were little kids again. 

Next up, we landed in a tropical pink fruit paradise... like I knew we were in Miami and all buuuttt.. a pink paradise?! C'mon... We indulged in our second tasting, some chocolate covered ice cream bananas, and swung around on cherrys and bananas...literally. 

Clearly the fun was had. 

Then we ended up on the rooftop of the whole museum, and discovered all sorts of games! We played a couple games of *shuffle ball?*, and some ping pong! We appreciated the sun setting over the ocean from our high up views for a bit, then indulged in our third tasting.. which was a keylime flavored ice cream cone. 

Once we departed from the rooftop, we ended up in an elevator with an ice cream expert there to teach us some F A C T S. Do you know which state consumes the most ice cream? California! Yup! Once the elevator opened... it led us to the sprinkle pool! One of the cutest and most anticipated rooms... 

Overall, we had a great time at the MOIC! I would definitely recommend it if you love pink & ice cream, are in LA, SF, or Miami, and are able to snag some tickets! 


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